Father and Daughter clearing off car for road trip

Let’s Save Lives.

We’ve been on a mission since day one: to provide safer roads for more people. An ice-free road, means alot. Like less white-knuckle driving and safer trips to work. In the end it all comes down to saving lives–and that’s something that makes the Ice Slicer team proud.

We believe that every snow fighter should be saluted for his or her selfless 24/7 service and commitment to keep the roads safe. Join us in saluting this winter season’s biggest heroes and email a “thank you” note to the snow fighters serving your area.

Safe Travels!

High elevation road because of deicer

Reducing Crashes

Ice Slicer attacks dangerous roads twice as hard as other deicers. That’s because Ice Slicer’s larger granules provide stabilizing traction, while its 60+ minerals help it brine faster and last longer than typical white salt. Oh, and did we mention you can see these results at all temperatures. Ice Slicer isn’t only a cold-weather deicer, it’s powerful in any storm.

“Ice Slicer reduced our traffic accident rate [because] it melts faster & lasts longer!”
– Greeley Colorado

Aggresive Ice-Debonding

Ice Slicer’s unique properties immediately and aggressively attack snow and ice from all angles. No other granular deicer has been found to match Ice Slicer’s speed and completeness in creating safe roads, at all temperatures, in all storms.

“I have been in the snow and ice control business for over 25 years and am always looking for better and more cost effective ways to deal with our climate of many black ice and freezing rain events. Ice slicer has outperformed all of the other brands we have used.”
– Magnum Enterprises, Ketchikan, Alaska 
Snow Plow carrying Ice Slicer dry mountain road

Residual Safety

Ice Slicer gives Snow Fighters a tremendous “leg up” on ensuing storms. When new snowfall hits a road, the Ice Slicer-treated portions (from previous storms) consistently stay clearer and safer from snow and ice. This is all thanks to the natural, potent and residual effect of Ice Slicer.