Faster & Longer

    Salt must turn to brine before it melts ice & snow. Independent lab testing shows Ice Slicer brines up to 5 times faster than white salt. After 90 minutes, Ice Slicer still produces nearly double the brine.


    10 Minute Melting Power

    When it comes to saving lives in a storm, every minute of melting ice matters. Independent lab testing shows Ice Slicer melts up to 3.5 times more ice in the first 10 minutes than white salt. In fact, Ice Slicer significantly outperforms white salt at all temperatures.


    60 Minute Melting Power

    When it comes to providing safer roads, using a deicer with lasting power can make all the difference.  Independent lab testing shows Ice Slicer has 1.5 – 2.5 times the melting power of white salt.

    “There are many advantages to using Ice Slicer. The most apparent benefit is how much quicker the material begins to melt ice compared to using just straight [white] salt.”

    Colorado Springs, CO

    “At all temperatures Ice Slicer was superior to standard road salt at melting snow & ice.”




      Costs Less than White Salt

      Transporting Ice Slicer all across the country impacts the overall “price” of our product, but, if you take a closer look at the actual “costs” of winter road maintenance, you’ll see that in the Ice Slicer actually costs less than white salt when you consider the direct and indirect costs. In fact, many of our customers cut their expenses because they switched to Ice Slicer.


      Save on Application

      By applying Ice Slicer properly, plow drivers are able to service 40-100% more lane miles/truckload than with white salt! This generates significant cost savings due to lower salt volumes needed, less fuel consumed per storm, reduced vehicle/equipment wear & tear due to reduced treatment cycles, longer service-life from vehicles, equipment, bridges, guardrails, etc., as fewer chlorides in the environment greatly minimize the effects of corrosion.


      Price Comparison

      Using proper application rates, the head-to-head “price” comparison of Ice Slicer to standard white salt is significantly different from initial impressions. For example, as illustrated in the chart below, if your delivered pricing is $40/ton for Ice Slicer, and $20/ton for white salt, but you are able to cover double the lane miles/ton with Ice Slicer, the actual delivered price per lane mile for each product is an identical $3.00.


      Save on Performance

      Ice Slicer works significantly longer than white salt at all temperatures. This reduces the number of treatment cycles needed per storm and leads to greater savings on fuel consumption, vehicle and equipment wear & tear, and deicing salt needed per storm.


      Less Need for Aggregates

      According to Coralba Meter Tests, tire traction on surfaces treated with Ice Slicer alone is as good, or better, than tire traction on surfaces treated with salt and sand. Ice Slicer provides traction with its naturally occurring small, medium, and large-sized granules. Besides the immediate cost savings from alleviating the need for sand (or other abrasives) additional savings are realized since post-winter clean up is often reduced or eliminated entirely.


      Fewer Treatment Cycles

      Ice Slicer works significantly longer than white salt at all temperatures. This reduces the number of treatment cycles needed per storm and leads to greater savings on fuel consumption, vehicle and equipment wear & tear, and deicing salt needed per storm.

      “Ice Slicer delivers a “double-bang” …traction and melting! It saved us over $64,000 in the first year we used it in clean up costs alone!!”

      Gillette, WY

      “Ice Slicer reduced our traffic accident rate [because] it melts faster & lasts longer!”

      Greeley, CO


      Not all salt is equal. Both inside a lab and outside on the roads, Ice Slicer has a leg up on white salt.

      • Evaluating Deicers
      • Lab vs. Field
      • Bounce & Scatter

        Let’s Save Lives

        We’ve been on a mission since day one: to provide safer roads for more people. An ice-free road, means a lot. Like less white-knuckle driving and safer trips to work. In the end it all comes down to saving lives–and that’s something that makes the Ice Slicer team proud.


        Reducing Crashes

        Ice Slicer attacks dangerous roads twice as hard as other deicers. That’s because Ice Slicer’s larger granules provide stabilizing traction, while its 60+ minerals help it brine faster and last longer than typical white salt. Oh, and did we mention you can see these results at all temperatures. Ice Slicer isn’t only a cold-weather deicer, it’s powerful in any storm.


        Aggressive Ice De-Bonding

        Ice Slicer’s unique properties immediately and aggressively attack snow and ice from all angles. No other granular deicer has been found to match Ice Slicer’s speed and completeness in creating safe roads, at all temperatures, in all storms.


        Residual Safety

        Ice Slicer gives Snow Fighters a tremendous “leg up” on ensuing storms. When new snowfall hits a road, the Ice Slicer-treated portions (from previous storms) consistently stay clearer and safer from snow and ice. This is all thanks to the natural, potent and residual effect of Ice Slicer.

        “I have been in the snow and ice control business for over 25 years and am always looking for better and more cost effective ways to deal with our climate of many black ice and freezing rain events. Ice Slicer has outperformed all of the other brands we have used.”

        Magnum Enterprises, Ketchikan, AK

        “Studies show a sing major road closure can cost our state 66 million dollars, That’s triple the amount of our states entire winter maintenance budget.”

        Natalie Gochnour, Chief Economist, Salt Lake Chamber



          Environmentally Safer

          Ice Slicer is a powerful and all-natural alternative to the more destructive deicers and salts on the market. Depending on storm conditions, Ice Slicer typically requires 40-100% less salt than white salt.  By introducing far less chlorides, Ice Slicer, greatly reduces environmental concerns that would occur from other melting agents.


          Organically Certified

          Ice Slicer is 100% all natural — so it’s dye-free and kid-safe.  In fact, our deicer comes from the same deposit where we gather our food-grade salt (which happens to be the best-selling brand of sea salt in America’s health food stores). Now that’s something you can feel good about!


          Decreases Alkalinity

          Ice Slicer contains 1/60 the alkali content found in lake salt. Better yet, Ice Slicer’s unique mineral composition acts as an environmental buffer, which significantly decreases its alkalinity compared to white salt.


          Protecting Our Streams

          Ice Slicer is less harmful to aquatic life than white salt because it doesn’t contribute to biological oxygen demand. Additionally, Ice Slicer is an eco-friendly solution that naturally adds grit to the road without having to use sand or other aggregates.  These aggregates can contribute to sedimentation loading in streams which can be harmful to aquatic life.


          Reduce the Need for Aggregates

          Ice Slicer creates natural traction that other granular deicers cannot provide. The benefit is that sand usage is minimized and even deleted in many instances, decreasing sediment-loading problems in sensitive areas.


          Fewer Particulates

          Ice Slicer has fewer particulates than white salt and sand. This equates to less air quality issues in PM-10 and PM-2.5 areas. This picture shows a road covered in sand just outside of Gillette, WY. The use of aggregates (like sand) can create many air quality concerns.

          “We also use Ice Slicer on our parking lots and sidewalks and have had no adverse effects to our grass or plants. In general, I think everyone is pleased with Ice Slicer, including the citizens.”

          Casper, WY

          “With Ice Slicer we were able to cut our salt application in half!”

          South Jordan, UT

            The Cost of Corrosion

            A recent study estimated that salt corrosion now costs the US $16 to $19 billion per year. By using a deicer that’s less corrosive, states, counties, and cities can cut costs and stay under budget.  Ice Slicer has proven to be measurably less-corrosive than white salt.   According to Utah DOT, “Ice Slicer tested 38% less-corrosive than white salt” and  ASTM B-117 testing shows that “Ice Slicer is up to 70% less corrosive than white salt.”


            Less Rust

            Ice Slicer’s naturally encapsulated 60+ trace minerals work as natural corrosion inhibitors. From trucks, to guard rails, to bridges, Ice Slicer extends the service life of your equipment and infrastructure.


            Roads Last Longer

            Ice Slicer’s unique mineral composition acts as an environmental buffer, which significantly reduces the alkalinity of the roads as compared to white salt.

            “Maintaining equipment is one of our biggest expenses, so we pay attention to the products we use. We notice more corrosion on our equipment when we use white salt… Ice Slicer is less corrosive and helps our equipment last longer.”

            UDOT, Heber City, UT

            “Using Ice Slicer, we now spend $200,000 less per year on guard rails.”

            Wichita Falls, TX

            OUR 24/7 EMERGENCY PROMISE

            We know you work hard to keep your sheds full, but sometimes it’s tough to predict and plan for every storm. That’s why our Ice Slicer team has 24/7 Emergency Service. Whenever the day, whatever the time, if your salt pile is running low, we are here to help.
            To order Ice Slicer Emergency Service, just give your Ice Slicer rep a call.

            Ice Slicer is available to order via train, tote, or truck.