Ice Slicer Granular is a fast-acting deicing compound, ideal for small-sized spreaders in commercial and residential use. Ice Slicer Granular has the superfines removed so that it can perform better in high humidity locations.  Without the superfines, Granular is less likely to clump or backfly.  In the first 30 minutes after application, Ice Slicer Granular effectively melts more snow and ice than white salt.

Granular is easier on equipment and infrastructure since it is at least 20% less corrosive than white salt. As a natural blend, Ice Slicer Granular will not stain concrete or asphalt.

Ice Slicer Granular Sieve Size
Trace Minerals in Ice Slicer Granular to help lower eutectic temperature
Ice Slicer Granular is a medium gradation deicer.

Here’s a graph that shows the majority of granule sizes you can find in Granular.

Super Fine







Ice Slicer Granular is available to order via train, tote, truck or 50lb bag.

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Ice Slicer is delivered by Train
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Looking for a 50lb Bag?

If you want smaller quantities of Ice Slicer, you’ll love our 50lb bag. All of the product in this bag is screened to medium coarseness, making it virtually dust-free. These Ice Slicer granules can be applied using any spreader or by hand. Indoor storage is recommended.