Redmond deicer in the lab

Let’s Talk Lab Results

  • Ice Slicer disbonds ice from the road surface 65.3% more effectively than traditional white salt (Analco).
  • Ice Slicer brines up to 5 times faster, and can melt more than double the snow & ice after one hour than traditional white salt (SHRP).
  • Ice Slicer is more than 40% less-corrosive than traditional white salt (ASTM B-117).
  • Ice Slicer has a 14˚ lower freeze point than traditional white salt (Eutectic temperature study).
“We took one truck loaded with white salt and one loaded with Ice Slicer and went up the freeway spreading both at the same rate.  We turned around at the top and as we were coming down the Ice Slicer land was wet and the lane with the white salt hadn’t even started melting yet.”
 – Heber, UDOT

Ice Slicer VS White Salt

Not all salt is equal. Both inside a lab and outside on the roads, Ice Slicer has a leg up on white salt.

“We used a fertilizer spreader and spread 250 pounds per lane mile. Both products were applied to the road side by side. Ice Slicer beat the white salt hands down.”
– Wellington UDOT

Evaluating Deicers

Examining deicers gets complicated, here’s a quick video that show’s you how to compare lab data and data in-the-field.

“I have been in the snow and ice control business for over 25 years and am always looking for better and more cost effective ways to deal with our climate of many black ice and freezing rain events. Ice slicer has outperformed all of the other brands we have used.”
– Magnum Enterprises, Ketchikan, Alaska 

Lab VS Field

It doesn’t matter how well a deicer performs when it’s sitting in flasks & beakers, it’s out on the road (in extreme conditions) that you can tell if a deicer’s worth it’s salt.

Check out this video to learn more about Ice Slicer’s strong field results.

Bounce and Scatter

Ice Slicer’s gradation makes a big difference in how much product stays on the road. Unlike white salt, which can bounce off the road, Ice Slicer’s sand-like properties land on the road and stay put.

Why does gradation matter? Click on this video for the facts.