Faster & Longer

Salt must turn to brine before it melts ice & snow. Independent lab testing shows Ice Slicer brines up to 5 times faster than white salt. After 90 minutes, Ice Slicer still produces nearly double the brine.

“There are many advantages to using Ice Slicer. The most apparent benefit is how much quicker the material begins to melt ice compared to using just straight [white] salt.”
– Colorado Springs, CO
“With Ice Slicer the roads are dry much faster and the shoulders are cleared off quicker. The lingering moisture in the night air normally requires reapplication, but with Ice Slicer we don’t have to baby sit the roads as much through the night.”
– Salina, UT DOT

10 Minute Melting Power

When it comes to saving lives in a storm, every minute of melting ice matters. Independent lab testing shows Ice Slicer melts up to 3.5 times more ice in the first 10 minutes than white salt. In fact, Ice Slicer significantly outperforms white salt at all temperatures.

“We took one truck loaded with white salt and one loaded with Ice Slicer and went up the freeway spreading both at the same rate. We turned around at the top and as we were coming down the Ice Slicer lane was wet and the lane with white salt hadn’t even started melting yet.”
– Heber City, UT
“Ice slicer has outperformed all of the other brands we have used”
– Magnum Enterprises,  Alaska

60 Minute Melting Power

When it comes to providing safer roads, using a deicer with lasting power can make all the difference.  Independent lab testing shows Ice Slicer has 1.5 – 2.5 times the melting power of white salt.

“Ice Slicer works faster & longer in all storms.”
– South Jordan, UT
“At all temperatures Ice Slicer was superior to standard road salt at melting snow & ice.”