Snow Plow Forest Mountain

Environmentally Safer

Ice Slicer is a powerful and all-natural alternative to the more destructive deicers and salts on the market. Depending on storm conditions, Ice Slicer typically requires 40-100% less salt than white salt.  By introducing far less chlorides, Ice Slicer, greatly reduces environmental concerns that would occur from other melting agents.

“With Ice Slicer we were able to cut our salt application in half!”
– South Jordan, UT
“We do quite a bit of research – Ice Slicer melts more ice with less product!”
– Martinson Snow Removal, CO
Red piles of Redmond Ice Slicer deicer

Organically Certified

Ice Slicer is 100% all natural — so it’s dye-free and kid-safe.  In fact, our deicer comes from the same deposit where we gather our food-grade salt (which happens to be the best-selling brand of sea salt in America’s health food stores). Now that’s something you can feel good about!

“We also use Ice Slicer on our parking lots and sidewalks and have had no adverse effects to our grass or plants. In general, I think everyone is pleased with IceSlicer including the citizens.” 
– Casper, WY

Decreases Alkalinity

Ice Slicer contains 1/60 the alkali content found in lake salt. Better yet, Ice Slicer’s unique mineral composition acts as an environmental buffer, which significantly decreases its alkalinity as compared to white salt.

“We took one truck loaded with white salt and one loaded with Ice Slicer and went up the freeway spreading both at the same rate. We turned around at the top and as we were coming down the Ice Slicer lane was wet and the lane with white salt hadn’t even started melting yet.”
– Heber City, UT

Protecting Our Streams

Ice Slicer is less harmful to aquatic life than white salt because it doesn’t contribute to biological oxygen demand. Additionally, Ice Slicer is an eco-friendly solution that naturally adds grit to the road without having to use sand or other aggregates.  These aggregates can contribute to sedimentation loading in streams which can be harmful to aquatic life.

Reduce the Need for Aggregates

Ice Slicer creates natural traction that other granular deicers cannot provide. The benefit: sand usage is minimized and even deleted in many instances, which decreases sediment-loading problems in sensitive areas.

“Ice Slicer delivers a double-bang – traction & melting!”
– Gillette, WY

Fewer Particulates

Ice Slicer has fewer particulates than white salt and sand. This equates to less air quality issues in PM-10 and PM-2.5 areas. This picture shows a road covered in sand just outside of Gillette, WY. The use of aggregates (like sand) can create many air quality concerns.