The Cost of Corrosion

A recent study estimated that salt corrosion now costs the US $16 to $19 billion per year.  By using a deicer that’s less corrosive, states, counties, and cities can cut costs and stay under budget.  Ice Slicer has proven to be measurably less-corrosive than white salt.   According to Utah DOT, “Ice Slicer tested 38% less-corrosive than white salt” and  ASTM B-117 testing shows that “Ice Slicer is up to 70% less corrosive than white salt.”

“Maintaining equipment is one of our biggest expenses, so we pay attention to the products we use. We notice more corrosion on our equipment when we use white salt… Ice Slicer is less corrosive and helps our equipment last longer.”
– Heber City, UT DOT
Rusty metal from corrosion salts

Less Rust

Ice Slicer’s naturally encapsulated 60+ trace minerals work as natural corrosion inhibitors.  From trucks, to guard rails, to bridges, Ice Slicer extends the service life of your equipment and infrastructure.

“Using Ice Slicer, we now spend $200,000 less per year on guard rails.” 
– Wichita Falls, Texas
Road near snow dry

Roads Last Longer

Ice Slicer’s unique mineral composition acts as an environmental buffer, which significantly reduces the alkalinity of the roads as compared to white salt.

“Ice Slicer outperforms white salt at all temperatures by creating better traction and reducing corrosion, while also eliminating the need for sand.”
– EnviroTech Services