Red Redmond Mineral deicer on road next to yellow line melting snow and ice
Safe Winter Roads from decier
Utah Snow Plow with Ice Slicer

Lower Application Rates

With proper Ice Slicer application, plow drivers are able to service 40-100% more lane miles/truckload than with using white salt. This generates some significant snow fighting advantages:

  • Ability to clear critical primary roads much faster
  • Leverage to reach secondary and tertiary roads that plows would not have time to get to using white salt
  • An increase in safe roads, which translates into a reduction of delays, crashes, injuries and fatalities
  • Lower salt volumes required per storm equates to a savings in deicer procurement
  • Measurable savings on fuel consumption per storm
  • More savings due to less wear & tear on vehicles and equipment because of a reduction in mileage to fight each storm
  • With 40-100% fewer chlorides on the roads, corrosion-effects are significantly minimized. Longer service-life from vehicles, equipment, bridges, guardrails, etc. greatly lowers winter road maintenance budgets.
“With a sand & white salt mix it takes 3 loads to service 60 miles. Switching to Ice Slicer we can cover it with just 1 load!”
– Duchesne County, UT
“Ice Slicer allowed us to reduce salt application up to 50%! With heavier storms than the previous year, we still reduced our salt costs 38%!”
– South Jordan City, UT
“We have found that Ice Slicer is less labor & equipment intensive!”
– Riverton, WY
“We went from 33% over budget to 17% under budget when we replaced white salt with Ice Slicer.”
– South Jordan, UT